Lead Guitar

‚ÄčKelly is the original guitar in Chaser.  Ten years he was the entertainer and guitar for the band.  He was missed after he left.  Now he is back and let the good times roll.

Scott Maleska
 Singer, Guitar,Bass,
 Fiddle, Sax, Keyboard
Scott's multiple instrument ability adds the flavor to the music. It increases the bands ability to play music appealing to a wide variety of fans.

John Kipka
John is a veteran drummer with 30 years' experience. He is a great leader and one of the best of Minnesota's Drummers.

Kelly Renken

Mickey Ironi
Bass Guitar
Mickey has been with several bands over the last 30 years and is a solid and very energetic Showman.

Angela Beutz
 Singer, Keyboard
Angela is a strong singer; she brings an ability to connect with an audience. She is a talented musician and is an integral part of the group.